Kidney Foundation of Laredo- Javier Jasso

“It’s been a struggle, but I am not willing to give up,” explained Javier Jasso. After a battle with pneumonia and falling into a coma for two weeks, Javier’s kidneys began to stop functioning. The aftermath of his illness has led to Javier struggling with Chronic Kidney Disease. Through the guidance of the Kidney Foundation of Laredo, Javier is now a dialysis patient at Satellite Healthcare Clinic and receives outpatient dialysis treatment three times a week.

The Kidney Foundation of Laredo originated in 1977.   It works determinedly to fight the battle against kidney disease. The foundation assists their patients with transportation, utilities, groceries, and some medical expenses. The Kidney Foundation also provides its patients with Nepro, a protein supplement and vitamins.

With the help of his family, friends, and the staff at the clinic, Javier began to recover his strength and gain a positive perspective. He explained that he knew with time and support he can heal physically and mentally. Javier has recovered immensely and began attending Texas A&M International University to receive his degree in Arts & Sciences. Javier’s goals include receiving his degree and becoming employed by a school district. Some days are very challenging for Javier. It can sometimes be difficult to find the urge to continue pursuing his goals because the dialysis treatment can be very demanding on his body.

“I am grateful to the Kidney Foundation of Laredo for helping me with costs that I did not expect,” explained Javier. United Way of Laredo assists our community by making it possible to educate and come into contact with people who are suffering from kidney disease. Through the Kidney Foundation, United Way helped him by funding the transportation for his dialysis.  This support allows Javier to focus on furthering his higher education. Javier explained that with the support of United Way, the Kidney Foundation of Laredo was able to help him quickly without having to question his situation.

The Kidney foundation of Laredo has helped countless people throughout the Laredo community. The amount of people that suffer from kidney disease is increasing. The Kidney Foundation of Laredo helps advocate prevention of kidney disease to the community of Laredo

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