Bethany House

This past year has been extremely difficult on many families. With COVID-19 business closures, layoffs and shutdowns, the Galarza family knows first-hand how agencies like Bethany House of Laredo can make a great difference to families in need.
The Galarza family became homeless soon after the husband lost his job, and his wife had her hours reduced due to the fallout from COVID-19 pandemic. The Galarza family had never been evicted before and didn’t know what to do next. They describe the situation as the most terrifying moments of their lives. They felt scared, hopeless and did not know where to turn. For three months the husband, wife and three children lived in their car with little to eat.

One day, a friend told them to go to Bethany House, a place where the most important necessities are provided daily to those in need. There, the Galarza family was able to find shelter, and they were able to get three meals a day. The family was also able to get support services such as clothing, shoes and hygiene items. They were able to take a shower and do their laundry. During the worst point in their lives, the Galarza family, found hope at Bethany House; they were able to find a place to call home.

With gratitude, Mrs. Galarza said, “Bethany House has been a blessing to us. They fed my children and immediately gave us a place to live when no one else would. We don’t know how much longer we could’ve been able to withstand living in the car. The nights were getting colder and the winter weather was extremely severe this year.”

Today, Mr. Galarza has a job, while Mrs. Galarza stays at Bethany House to care for their three children. It’s been over eight months that the Galarza family have been living at the Bethany House which is giving them the opportunity to save money so that they can transition to permanent housing, a place of their own.

The Galarza family is just one example of the lives you touch when you give to United Way of Laredo. With your support, United Way is able to provide financial resources to agencies like Bethany House to ensure they are able to provide programs and services to those in need. For more information on how you can support the United Way of Laredo or any of their network of agencies contact the United Way at or visit their website at If you are in need of community resources and are not sure where to turn dial 2-1-1 for information on programs and services in available in our community.

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