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In Scouting, Mrs. Veronica Caballero has immeasurable memories and experiences. She has been the Den leader for Cub Scouts. She is also a prestigious member of the Troop Committee for Boy Scouts and has completed a Bachelor of Commission Science, and an Adult Leader Training of Wood Badge. Mrs. Caballero has been a member of the training staff and completed Trainer’s Edge. Currently, Mrs. Caballero is a Unit Commissioner with the Cub Scout Pack at Sacred Heart Children’s Home, also known as Pack 2017.

Scouting is adventure, excitement, character, leadership and so much more. “There is so much room for growth,” explained Mrs. Caballero. She has personally seen this growth with her Cub Scouts, and her two sons. Her sons have learned and experienced an abundance through Boy Scouts. They have learned about financial management, experienced astronomy in Colorado, drove ATVs, and have been scuba diving. Additionally, they have learned how to finance their trips through fundraising with Boy Scouts. Most importantly, Mrs. Caballero explained that her sons are learning about servant leadership. Through these exceptional tasks, they are preparing for life by acquiring the necessary skills. They are growing into positive role models and contributing members of their community. Her sons also assist as Boy Scout leaders in the position of Den Chief’s for the younger Cub Scouts. They are dedicated to the cause every Monday and meet with the Cub Scouts. They help the kids gain advancement and build confidence. Some of the activities they have worked on are belt loops and building a robotic arm from cardboard and straws.

In Scouting, children begin with their best right now selves and grow into their very best future selves. The current motto for Cub Scouts is “Do your best.” Later, as the young Cub Scouts transition into Boy Scouts their motto changes to “Be prepared” as in be ready for the curve balls that life is going to throw at you, explained Mrs. Caballero. The goal is to teach the troops how to work as an individual and as a team to overcome obstacles.

One of the main goals the scouts has is servant leadership. They impressively accomplish this by focusing on community outreach by giving back to the community. Troop 615 has adopted the highway on Bob Bullock Loop 20 beginning at Walmart and ending at Arkansas. They have also participated with H-E-B’s Feast of Sharing, have been the color guard for Autism Awareness functions, and have said the Pledge of Allegiance at the Naturalization Ceremonies at the Court House.

Mrs. Caballero’s current goal as Unit Commissioner is to begin a third Unit for special needs children. Currently, she has two units Pact 2017 and Troop 402. She hopes to begin her third Unit very soon. In order to begin her third Unit, she will need a minimum of five registered children, but her goal is to have at least eight children signed up. She is a strong advocate for all children having a chance to experience being a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout.

The work of United Way of Laredo does not go unnoticed by the Boy Scouts—South Texas Council. “United Way is always generous to remember us,” explained Mrs. Caballero. Their assistance ensures that we have the Boys Scout program in our community.  They also  help us to maintain the beautiful Camp Huisache, which is available to the youth in our community.


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