Levels of Giving: Fair Share or Corazón

United Way does not presume to tell anyone how much they should give.  Giving should be voluntary and the amount contributed should be based on the contributor’s financial capability and sense of community responsibility.  The Fair Share Giving Guide and Corazón Levels of Leadership Giving show what other people are giving to United Way.  They are provided only to assist you in determining your own personal gift.

Fair Share Giving Guide (Contribución Justa)

You can give your Fair Share of 1% of your salary or 1 hour’s pay per month multiplied by 12 months as a gift.

Usted puede prometer a dar el 1 por ciento de su salario anual, equivalente a 1 hora de su pago mensual, por un total de 12 meses.

Hourly WageSalario por hora Suggested Annual GiftDonativo anual sugerido Annual SalarySalario Anual Suggested Annual GiftDonativo anual sugerido
$7.00 $84.00 $18,000 $180.00
$8.00 $96.00 $20,000.00 $200.00
$9.00 $108.00 $24,000.00 $240.00
$10.00 $120.00 $28,000.00 $280.00
$12.00 $144.00 $32,000.00 $320.00
$15.00 $180.00 $36,000.00 $360.00


Corazón Club (Club de Corazón)

Your donation can be a leadership gift if it falls under…

Usted puede optar por ser miembro del Club de Corazón si su donación pertenece a las siguientes categorías.

Bronze (Bronce) ($500.00 – $900.00)
Silver (Plata) ($1,000.00 – $2,499.00)
Gold (Oro) ($2,500.00 – $4,999.00)
Platinum (Platino) ($5,000.00 – $7,499.00)
Diamond (Diamante) ($7,500 +)

 Corazon Booklet 2012


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