Boys and Girls Club of Laredo

“Great futures start here!” Mr. Jorge F. Gonzalez declared. As an astounding product of the Boys and Girls Club of Laredo, Mr. Gonzalez has an abundance to recognize. Mr. Gonzalez was first introduced to the Boys and Girls Club of Laredo as a child. He attended the club often, The Boys and Girls Club is where he learned to swim, play basketball, and develop life skills such as being self-disciplined. He explained that The Boys and Girls Club is what ultimately molded him into the person that he is today.

Currently, Mr. Gonzalez is the President of Falcon Sure Insurance Agency, and serves on eleven boards that include Chairman for Laredo Medical Center and Communities in Schools. As a past president of United Way and The Boys and Girls Club, Gonzalez appreciates the significance of giving back to the community of Laredo and helping others when it is possible. “It shouldn’t be about me. It is really about the kids. The kids are our future.” Gonzalez proposed. “To touch one kid’s life is what is truly meaningful,” Mr. Gonzalez explained. Aside from the physical activities and education, The Boys and Girls Club allows the children to develop social skills and develop everlasting friendships with other club members.

The Boys and Girls Club is filled with caring board members and other kind individuals whose fundamental goal is to impact the children’s lives. They accomplish this goal by providing a safe haven where the children can engage in physical activities, be taught life skills, and focus on their education. Apart from the regular amount of ten thousand members, The Boys and Girls Club serves about twenty thousand children through their special leagues of basketball, flag football, volleyball, and track meets. Every day, The Boys and Girls Club stresses the importance of health, education, and character development of the youth. The Boys and Girls Club can fill the need in the community for responsible guidance from adult role models. Most importantly, United Way helps the Boys and Girls Club provide these children with hope and an endless amount of opportunities.

“Honestly, I don’t know, I don’t know what would have happened to me.” As a prosperous product of The Boys and Girls Club, Gonzalez credits his second nature of giving to The Boys and Girls Club. Mr. Gonzalez strongly believes that The Boys and Girls Club shapes people with compassionate hearts and great futures; that is why your donation to United Way is so important.  United Way of Laredo helps us in our mission of impacting children’s lives!


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