Laredo Animal Protective Society

The Laredo Animal Protective Society is best known for its efforts at being the only local no kill animal shelter. LAPS provides a nurturing home for stray animals. The organization helps the Laredo community by taking in homeless cats and dogs and providing low cost vaccines. LAPS also extends its efforts to educate the community. The agency provides instruction to children at schools and to the community on how to be a responsible pet owner. The team at LAPS provides its best efforts to find permanent and devoted homes for the animals that end up there.

When animals are adopted from the organization, they are fully vaccinated and are spayed and neutered. This is accomplished with the help of United Way of Laredo. “United Way has been instrumental in helping LAPS for many years,” explained LAPS Board President Susie Druker. United Way assists LAPS by providing funds for vouchers for spay and neuter services that LAPS can distribute to the community. Mrs. Druker explained that this helps with combating the problem of the animal overpopulation in the city.

It brings Mrs. Druker great joy to foster and give a voice to those that do not have one, such as the case of Minnie. After an extensive night of working at the animal shelter, a LAPS board member and manager saw an innocent dog tied to a pole outside with a heavy chain. The only thing that was left with the dog was a note stating, “My name is Minnie.” The LAPS team instantaneously sprang into action to comfort Minnie, who the team realized is blind.  She quickly went from being scared dog to a happy dog, who wags her tail and licks faces.

Minnie quickly became comfortable at the shelter, learned her feeding schedule, and happily greeted all the volunteers and staff. Everyone was hopeful that she would find a forever home because she had a sweet and playful nature.  Time passed and Minnie had yet to be adopted. The weather soon began to get cold. LAPS launched a great campaign to foster all the dogs during the extremely cold days. Many volunteers opened their homes to keep the dogs warm, but Minnie still had not found a foster home.  Fortunately, the LAPS Board President walked into to the shelter with her children who kept pressuring her to foster a dog. After learning about Minnie’s story, she agreed to take Minnie home that cold day.

Minnie is no longer in foster care. She has been adopted and is now in her “forever” home.  She has been through an ordeal because she is visually impaired. Luckily, Minnie was left at a loving shelter where she is given care, love, and the attention she deserves. She is waiting for the right person who will adopt her. Maybe the person reading this is just that person.

LAPS is extremely happy to have rescued Minnie, but would like to take the time to remind the public that it is against Texas Law (penal code 42.092) to abandon a pet. The community is strongly encouraged not to abandon pets, but rather make reasonable arrangements for their care.


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