Laredo Crime Stoppers

Laredo Crime Stoppers continues to thrive near the verge of celebrating 40 years in the community. In the year of 2020, when the world was chaos during a time everything was uncertain communities across the nation including ours experienced the pandemic, in every aspect. The organization learned really quick that in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it had towards the organization and the undoubtedly lack of fundraising they knew the organization can do much more for the community during the time it mattered the most.

Chantell Liles, President stated, “Laredo Crime Stoppers quickly adapted flawlessly into a virtual setting, to ensure TIPSTERS continued to get rewarded for information that help either solve or prevent a crime and got TIPSTERS paid. The Board of Directors continued to meet regularly to carry out the mission of as an unwavering priority.”

In addition, the organization helped the city and other agencies promote the health and safety CDC guidelines and encouraged people to call the TIPS hotline to report COVID-19 violations. LCS, scripted, produced and aired PSA’s that helped remind the community to social distance and wash their hands properly among other updates and release on a day to day.

Laredo Crime Stoppers recognized the importance of understanding that the fight for a safer Laredo/ Webb County was not like any other year but that this year we had first responders and frontline workers helping to do just that. LCS continued to receive calls to the 24/7 Hotline which only meant criminal activity was still happening and someone had to investigate with COVID as a concern, LPD had to also adapt quickly to make sure they weren’t only safe from the criminal element but now a viral organism that can potentially cause illness of up to death. LPD were able to continue to investigate and do their job fully suited and sanitized for their safety and others.

Crime Stoppers, alongside Laredo Police Department and other partnered law enforcement agencies, worked tirelessly and relentlessly to do the job the community was counting on them to do.

Laredo Crime Stoppers helps make our community a safer place to live and work. For more information on how you can support Laredo Crime Stoppers or the United Way of Laredo contact the United Way at or visit their website at If you are in need of community resources and are not sure where to turn dial 2-1-1 for information on programs and services in available in our community.

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