Laredo Crime Stoppers, Inc.

Laredo Crime Stoppers, Inc. was established in 1981. The agency was designed to serve the community of Laredo-Webb County. Vigilant citizens can report suspicious activity they witness. By reporting the skeptical activities, citizens can help prevent and/or solve a crime, and report the whereabouts of fugitives. When a call comes in through the Laredo Crime Stopper TIPS line, it is guaranteed to be anonymous.  TIPSTER can receive a cash reward of up to $1,000 if the information provided leads to an arrest, drug seizure, or recovered property.

In collaboration with the community of Laredo, law enforcement, and the media, a prime example of a crime solved through the Laredo Crime Stoppers was headlined in the Laredo Morning Times on July 1, 2017 as Suspected drug house discovered near elementary school. Substantial information was received through the Laredo Crime Stoppers hotline explaining that there was a home suspected of selling drugs. The tipster reported over the new mobile application all the significant details such as time, days, and the types of drugs that were being sold. This information was crucial to help the investigators organize the execution of a warrant to raid the home. The search ended with the arrest and charge of two individuals with manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance.

Laredo Crime Stoppers Inc. Executive Director Colleen Rodriguez strongly believes that “The community are the ears and eyes of the police, where police cannot be and might just have that piece of information that is needed to solve the crime.” Justice will be served and will prevail in the hands of heedful citizens. It is up to the community to protect and help one another. Thankfully, for our Laredo Community the organization is a state certified crime stopper program. This means that the agency provides and guarantees complete anonymity that is protected by the law.

In addition to Laredo Crime Stoppers achievements that are recognized by the collective effort of law enforcement, the community, and the media is United Way of Laredo. Monies can be scare, but with the support from United Way Laredo Crime Stoppers can continue day-to-day operations. Additionally, with the assistance United Way provides, the agency can continue providing rewards and provide community education to increase awareness.

Since its founding in 1981, more than 265,000 calls have been answered and 4,247 suspects have been arrested by the Laredo Crime Stoppers. 6.5 million worth of stolen property has been recovered, more than $290 million worth of narcotics has been seized, and about half a million dollars in cash has been paid in rewards.

Laredo Crime Stoppers pursues to be used as a means to battle crime and keep the community of Laredo protected. To report suspicious activity, contact the TIPS line at 727-8477 or toll free at 1-800-558-8477. Tips can also be reported anonymously via text and web on or through the available P3 application for Android and Apple Devices.



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