Laredo HSDA HIV/AIDS Services Consortia


Laredo HSDA HIV/AIDS Services Consortia was established in the early 1990s.

The Consortia is the only current nonprofit agency in Laredo that focuses exclusively on assistance and support for HIV/AIDS. The Consortia provides assistance to individuals who were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Additionally, it provides various programs that enhance the quality of life. The program also provides education to the community about early detection, prevention, and treatment. After the diagnosis of HIV is confirmed people can be referred to the Consortia. The team at the Consortia works tirelessly to assist the individuals with money for food, utilities, rent, medication, and transportation to medical professionals.

John was in a relationship for two years with a woman who had recently separated from her husband. The woman explained to him that she could not get pregnant due to having a sterilization surgery. John did not consider the possibility of getting a sexually transmitted disease after having unprotected sex. After randomly seeing an informational commercial about HIV on television, John decided to get tested. He was diagnosed with HIV in December 1996.

After receiving his diagnosis, John’s family was very supportive and understanding of the situation. In the recent years, he lost both parents to cancer. John does everything in his power to stay healthy because of his diagnosis and family medical history. His current issue is having low “defenses” due to a low blood cell count. His current doctor is going to switch the medications in order to stabilize John’s count. Presently, John is employed, but sometimes the amount of money he makes does not cover all the medical needs he may have. The organization assists John with medical needs and cards to purchase groceries.

United Way of Laredo is the main benefactor for Laredo HSDA HIV/AIDS Services Consortia. The funds from United way provide assistance with blood work, medication, food, doctor appointments, nutritional supplements, and any other necessities that may be needed due to the patients’ diagnosis. “I am eternally grateful that United Way assists the consortia because the funds help all of us with this diagnosis,” explained John.


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