Sacred Heart Children’s Home

Sacred Heart Children’s Home has been in the community of Laredo for over one hundred years. It was established in 1907, and tirelessly continues to serve those in need. At the young and innocent age of eight years old, Karen Lopez was introduced into the loving atmosphere at Sacred Heart Children’s Home. Karen was growing up with a single mother. Her mother worked extremely long hours in order to get by. After she heard how the Sacred Heart was a wholesome place for children, Karen’s mom signed her up.

Karen explained how the Sisters from the Sacred Heart Children’s Home practically raised her. She is eternally grateful for all the sleepless nights they spent taking care of her. “It is because of Sacred Heart that I was able to have a memorable childhood,” explained Karen. She described how she was constantly surrounded by love and attention. The Sisters opened up their heart and arms to her. The Sisters taught Karen her morals and values that reflect the genuine person she is today. They took the precious time to teach Karen how to be a generous person that cares for and helps other people in need.

Today, Karen is happily married and is a wonderful mother to her eight-year-old child. She and her husband are also expecting their second child. Karen currently works for Texas A&M International University as an outreach specialist. She explained that she is doing what she learned best as Sacred Heart, that is giving back and helping the community.

“Thank you, United Way, for your tremendous generosity in making organizations like Sacred Heart Children’s Home possible,” expressed Karen. United Way of Laredo is a major provider for the Sacred Heart Children’s Home, and their assistance does not go unnoticed.

“Sacred Heart Children’s Home has been a true blessing for me as it has been for many other kids,” explained Karen. She hopes Sacred Heart Children’s Home can continue being there for children for many more years to come.


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