Boy Scouts of America

Karla Walters-Poston is the Scoutmaster for Laredo’s first all-female BSA Troop in Laredo. Steven Wright is the Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 2020. These Scouts are very active in their community.

These Scouts partnered with National Guard, Master Sergeant Frank and his men on a project to help rebuild a ramp for the Laredo Animal Shelter. Scoutmaster Karla recalls, “The scouts did an amazing job and are always happy to help the community when the opportunity presents itself. Our troop is successful because we are surrounded by people who believe in us.”

Karla is extremely grateful to SCAN, the charter organization for Troop 2020. She also expressed her gratitude to the Aztec District committee members, the South Texas Council BSA, our community, friends, and family members. She wanted to give special thanks to Juan Molina and his family, but most importantly to God. “Our scouts are inspired by the Scouts, BSA Program” Karla said. “They want to set an example for other females by leading and succeeding.” Karla said her scouts have set their individual goals: to earn the rank of Eagle.

Tsioné Elise Walters, one of the troop members, is the first female scout to transition from middle school to high school. She is the only female high school student in Boy Scouts. She is currently a freshman at John B. Alexander High School. “Alexander is the only high school that currently has a female scout and I want to make my school proud and earn my Eagle Scout Rank,” says Elise Walters. She is currently working on her Pope Pius XII Religious Medal and will also be the first female scout in Laredo to earn it. Walters is currently a Tenderfoot and awaits a board of review to rank to Second Class. “I joined Boy Scouts because I wanted to do something that was earned. I want to learn life skills that will help me become successful when I join the Air Force. I see my kid brother having so much fun in scouts and I wanted to join the fun, too.” Since becoming a Scout, her scout friends have become her family. She said, “we motivate each other and help each other become better than yesterday

Lauren Valls is a very energetic scout who loves to the outdoors. Valls is an 8th grade student at Trautmann Middle School. Scoutmaster Karla shares, “Out of all our female scouts, Valls takes the lead when it comes to Merit Badges. Valls is a very dedicated scout and is highly self-motivated and successful in earning merit badges.” Valls said, “I joined Boy Scouts because I wanted to be able to earn my Eagle Scout rank. I also joined Boy Scouts because it offers the opportunity to learn life skills in a fun way that will help me become successful.” She recalls watching her brother in Cub Scouts and wanting to join. Since females were not allowed at that time, she participated under the Me-Too Program. Valls says, “Now that membership is available to females, I register to be a part of Boy Scouts and I am glad I did.”

Karla shared that Emma Wright is the Troop’s youngest female scout. She is currently a 7th grader at United Middle School and her academics are very important to her. Emma is an amazing individual that can light up a room with her charisma. She joined scouting because she wants to earn her Eagle Scout rank. Although she is the youngest, she is ambitious and a dedicated scout.

Our scouts are amazing individuals who shine in their own way and together can move mountains. We are sure they will achieve greatness. Scouting during a pandemic has surely been a challenge, however it has not been a match for their motivation to succeed. Pushing forward through these difficult times is just proof that these scouts will make Laredo proud.
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