Serving Children and Adults in Need INC.

Serving Children and Adults in Need (SCAN) is a non-profit, community-based organization created in 1982.  SCAN provides services to a wide array of populations such as families experiencing family conflict; youth and children in at risk situations; youth and adults with substance use disorders; victims of sexual assault and violence; children and adolescents who have experienced a traumatic event; children who have been abused and/or neglected; mother and babies who are experiencing stress; and other populations. SCAN has it main office in Laredo, Webb County, where it has also most of its residential programs including an emergency youth shelter, a transitional living program, and four residential substance use treatment programs. SCAN also serves several other counties along the Texas Mexico border where it has a total of 10 satellite offices.

SCAN strives to help individuals achieve their full potential and provides empowerment opportunities to help them succeed utilizing best practices and evidence-based interventions that are grounded in the communities’ culture and language. SCAN staff members strive to promote resiliency and long term recovery.  For example, Crystal was a youth in need whose life has been positively impacted by SCAN’s services.  Crystal was referred to SCAN Emergency Youth Shelter when her parents could no longer care for her and support her. At the time of her placement at the Shelter, one of her parents was being assisted at one of SCAN’s substance use treatment facilities. Crystal was able to stay in SCAN’s youth shelter for about ninety days. After her ninety-day stay, Crystal was moved to a foster home in the Rio Grande Valley. She was successful in obtaining a job. When she turned eighteen, she earned her General Equivalency Diploma and her driver’s license. At this time, she had to exit the child welfare system because she became and adult; unfortunately, she became homeless. After contacting SCAN, she was immediately admitted to the Arco Iris Program, SCAN’s transitional living program for homeless adolescents. The Arco Iris provides food and shelter and a wide array of counseling and skill-building services to help youth make a successful transition to adulthood. In this program, Crystal can live for up to a year and a half.  Currently, Crystal is continuing her higher education while following a healthy developmental path. She is on her way to successfully transitioning into independent living.

SCAN is extremely proud of receiving support from the United Way of Laredo and this support is vital for helping individuals like Crystal. United Way generously assists SCAN’s vision in providing services to the community. The funds United Way provides go to supporting the SCAN emergency youth programs.  At times, this might be buying school uniforms and school supplies to help students.

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