The Children’s Advocacy of Laredo-Webb County (CAC) is committed to serve the children, adolescents, and families who have been through the trialing experiences of abuse, neglect, or other forms of trauma. The CAC has served the community of Webb County and surrounding areas for almost 30 years.

Hannah Gabelman began her journey with CAC as a volunteer. Gabelman recalls, “Soon after I began volunteering, the pandemic hit. I was hired full-time in order to help the therapy department meet the needs of all families. I’m proud to say that despite every hurdle the pandemic put in our way, we overcame every single one always with the goal to fight against child abuse and neglect.” She said, “Even through the tribulation of the COVID-19 pandemic, The CAC team stayed true to their mission. The diligent CAC team quickly made plans to ensure services would be available for their child clients and non-offending family members.”

Dr. Severita Sanchez, Executive Director said, “Since inception, the CAC mission has been to break the cycle of child abuse through community education, training and prevention, and to allow the child opportunities for healing through intervention in a child sensitive environment”. She said, “The CAC is able to prosper and fulfill its mission through the continuous support of organizations such as United Way of Laredo.”

Gabelman explained that the therapy department rapidly transitioned into Telehealth Therapy, a technology used to support virtual therapy sessions. Therapy sessions were able to continue because of the financial support of foundations and donors that believe in the importance of breaking the cycle of child abuse. Tools such as ethical virtual meeting platforms and electronic devices used for virtual therapy were able to be purchased to meet the needs that came about due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Families who received our services expressed their gratitude for the work CAC commits itself to,” Gableman said. The therapy team strived to make the virtual shift efficient and smooth. Even with personal setbacks and frustrations due to the pandemic, CAC quickly overcame obstacles and stepped up to assist clients. In order to guarantee virtual sessions were conducted ethically, the therapy team was thoroughly trained in offering safe and proper Telehealth services.

The Children’s Advocacy Center is just one of the agencies you support when you give to United Way of Laredo. With your support, United Way is able to provide financial resources so that agencies like CAC are able to provide programs and services to those in need. For more information on how you can support the United Way of Laredo or any of their network of agencies contact the United Way at or visit their website at If you are in need of community resources and are not sure where to turn dial 2-1-1 for information on programs and services in available in our community.

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